REVIEW: Crumpler "Whickey and Cox" Notebook Backpack

Travelling will impress on one the importance of having a very good travelling bag. I share this same experience. For quite a while now I have been on the lookout for a very good travelling bag that will fit my notebook, digital camera and a few other items. Please allow me to share my experience.

A good friend recommended to me to lookup Crumpler bags. I searched their website and found a shop with a showroom, so the bags displayed will help in coming up with a better decision on which to acquire. Upon visiting, I decided to purchase one -- The Whickey and Cox notebook and camera backpack.

I got the black and grey Crump. And my Dell Latitude D630 notebook fits perfectly in the bag's notebook pocket.

The bag has no identifying mark aside from the Crumpler logo on the bag itself. But the bag's model is inside, on the opening flap of the bag.

One of the many characteristics that attracted me to this backpack is the opening is toward the back of the person wearing it, which means the backpack cannot be opened while worn.

The backpack is also very ergonomic and its back support does not press on my spine, making it very sturdy even with a heavy load.

Below is a snapshot of the Whickey and Cox opened with its holders and partitions. It is very well suited for my needs. I can fit my notebook, digital camera, external drive, chargers, spare batteries and a wide range of electronic stuff.

The partitions and inside pockets can be detached off the backpack to make it serve another purpose which is at the discretion of the owner. For me, I also use it as an overnight pack and short trips.

The very nice thing about the Whickey and Cox is the protection it gives to the notebook. The chambers and partitions give the same sturdy protection as well. Thus anything placed in the backpack get very good protection from shock and hostilities of travel. These reasons made me purchase the Whickey and Cox.

However, this Crump can be very bulky when loaded. If you are not comfortable carrying a bulky notebook and camera backpack then the Whickey and Cox is not for you.

The other issue is that since the backpack can only be opened when unslung, there will be issues when reaching for your camera to take a quick snapshot or two of a perfect Kodak moment.

I hope that this review contributes to your decision in getting one. Consider a Crump if the budget allows for you to get one.

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