FAQ: ACPI Multiprocessor HAL Upgrade Script

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It came as as surprise to me that in the past few days, I have received several mails requesting for the multiprocessor HAL upgrade script which was part of the article of the same heading. Apparently the script is no longer available for download.. and there is a growing fan base of those using the script.

Rather than replying to separate mails with the script attached, I have decided to post the code of the script here instead.

Kindly refer to below for the HAL upgrade script:

@echo off
@title "Upgrading to ACPI Multi-Processor HAL.."

echo ====================================================
echo Upgrading to ACPI Multi-Processor HAL..
echo ====================================================
echo please wait..

devcon sethwid @ROOT\PCI_HAL\0000 := +ACPIAPIC_MP > nul
devcon sethwid @ROOT\ACPI_HAL\0000 := +ACPIAPIC_MP > nul
devcon update %windir%\inf\hal.inf ACPIAPIC_MP > nul

echo ====================================================
echo Script Completed: press any key to reboot..
echo ====================================================

pause > nul

devcon reboot

Copy and paste the above code into your favorite text editor and save as halupgrade.cmd. Please note that lines starting in "devcon" (the five consecutive lines of code) should end in "nul".

I hope the above helps. Share with me your success story in using the script.

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