FAQ: Download Embedded Flash SWF Files (via Firefox)

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FAQ: Most likely the webpages you view contain embedded flash media. And chances are you are/were fascinated with the way it was presented and you would like to keep a copy for yourself for keepsakes or offline viewing. But how do you extract and save those files?

Believe it or not, the ease in doing this task is primarily dependent on your choice of browsers. If you and I share the same taste (and chose firefox), getting this trick done is just as easy said and done.

Follow along as the simple steps will get you your flash media in a bit:

[1] Browse over to your favorite site containing the embedded media. For this example, I'm browsing over to my "hang-out" tech website tipidpc.com.

[2] Wait for the page to finish loading.. Then, on the tool bars of firefox, click Tools --> Page Info.

[3] Change over to the Media tab and from the menu select the embedded media you wish to save.

[4] Highlight the media (click on it) and click on Save As.... And save it to a directory of your bidding.

That is how simple it is to save embedded flash media or any other embedded media. And like I previously stated, your choice of browsers dictate how easy it is to download and save them.

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