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ARTICLE: Dell Latitude D630 Sleep Hot-Key

I have been a Dell Latitude D630 user for over 3 years now. I have used it in my previous job; I use one personally; and I have been assigned another in my current employment. My experience with this device is what one can reasonably call "extensive" that I have grown to be very comfortable with it.. and even prefer it over other notebooks.

But if there is one thing I did not know about a D630, it is the elusive Sleep button.. You might share this ignorance with me and it is only until recently that I came to realize what or where it is. If it ever was documented in the manual, I have not discovered nor came across it, as I have not read the manual. (The one that came with my personal Dell D630 is still sealed. Hehehe..)

Whenever I configure the power options for my notebook, it has always made me wonder where the "Sleep" button is. Just so we are in the same page, below is "Power Options" panel. And that is the snapshot of how I configure mine.

To get to the above, open "Control Panel" --> "Power Options", in the classic Control Panel; while on the Categorized view, open "Control Panel" --> "Performance and Maintenance" --> "Power Options".

The "Advanced" tab contains the configuration panel similar to the screenshot above. Configure it to your liking.

Closing the lid should be self-explanatory. I set this to "Do Nothing". Again, this is my personal preference. You can go ahead with your own.

The power button is toward the top center of the keyboard. The largest button and should be obvious. I set this to "Standby" when pressed.

And lastly, for the "Sleep" button, I set this to "Hibernate". But there isnt a sleep button on a Dell Latitude D630! It is however a pressing of a combination of keys -- Fn + ESC. The [Fn] key is toward the bottom left, in between the CTRL and WIN keys. Pressing both keys Fn and ESC simulates the pressing of the sleep button and triggers hibernation.

The "Hibernate" option is not available unless "Enable hibernation" is ticked in the Hibernate tab of the Power Options panel.

Speaking of Hibernate, a shortcut can be created with target "rundll32 powrprof.dll, SetSuspendState" (SetSuspendState --> is case-sensitive). This shortcut used to be what I have on the Desktop, which I no longer have any use for. If Hibernation is not enabled, this shortcut executes a Standby instead.

There you go. I hope the discovery of this Sleep button or should I say Sleep Hot-key puts more functionality and more familiarity to your Latitude D630.

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