FAQ: Enable AHCI on Intel Chipset (ver 2.0)

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After having been successful in enabling AHCI on my D630s ICH8M chipset way back, I recently got hit by a Virut.NBL virus and had to re-install Windows XP PRO. To my surprise, the 79im05ww.exe (from its IBM resource page) is no longer available. AHCI has been important to me especially native command queuing or NCQ. Is there another workaround to it?

Searching around, it got me to the 79im05ww's upgrade -- the 7zim57ww.exe. Having found the replacement or should I say upgrade, I proceeded to download it.

I outlined the procedure below, as I had enabled AHCI on my Dell Latitude D630.

As outlined in the previous article, extract the file to C:\DRIVERS\WIN\SATA.

Replace every instance of DEV_27C5 with the ones below, depending on your chipset (if you have the ICH7M southbridge or I/O controller, skip this step). The target file is C:\DRIVERS\WIN\SATA\PREPARE\IMSM_PRE.inf:
ICH6R ==> DEV_2652
ICH6M ==> DEV_2653
ICH7R ==> DEV_27C1
ICH7DH ==> DEV_27C1
ICH7M ==> DEV_27C5
ICH8M ==> DEV_2828 or DEV_2829 (Check the value in device manager)

This procedure is similar to the one outlined in the previous article. So after making the necessary changes to the IMSM_PRE.inf file, execute C:\DRIVERS\WIN\SATA\PREPARE\INSTALL.CMD. Reboot the computer after install.cmd executes.

After reboot, do exactly as Step #6 to Step #8 of "Enable AHCI on Intel Chipsets". After the second restart/reboot, AHCI will be enabled.

I hope this post answers queries to the mails regarding the now missing but upgraded 79im05ww.exe.

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