HOW-TO: Resolve Error 619 Dial-in Message

Wireless broadband technology using USB modems are entering the mainstream market. And with the widespread adoption of the local cellular carriers/providers and the accompanying marketing and competition, its reach is gaining ground not to mention prices dropping. The many advantages include pre-paid on-demand kits.

For many who have wired broadband kits, the USB modem broadband can serve as backup broadband in cases of trouble with the wired broadband. The mobility it offers is another big bonus; and, where wired broadband has no reach, the wireless broadband can as long as there is cellular network coverage.

Imagine this: Upon buying the modem, you test it out, install the packaged software and try to connect.. Just PERFECT! You are able to browse. Then you go home.. plug the USB modem back in.. and ERROR! You go back to the store and they can't figure it out as well. It may not be that easy as you thought it was..

However, one may run into a similar scenario above when trying to connect (or dial-in) to the wireless network -- its "Error 619: A connection to the remote computer could not be established, so the port used for this connection was closed." (below is a screenshot of the error message). And while trying to resolve it, googling the error returned thousands of results and it seems this error is very common.

Resolve Error 619 Dial-in Message

I tried to be more specific with the searching by indicating the Huawei E220 modem I have but it seems there are many of us who are in the same boat. So it seems the problem is more serious than I thought.

While most forums indicate that this is a problem with the APN setting of the mobile network, I encountered a simple solution while trying to resolve the problem -- I tried to move the modem on to other USB ports.. and Eureka! after plugging to the third port I was able to connect. It is not the APN as I was using the "Dynamic" setting (see below).

Resolve Error 619 Dial-in Message

So I tried replicating the problem.. When installing "Mobile Partner" (or the applicable software for your USB modem), note the USB port you plugged the modem into. When dialing in to the mobile network, ensure that the modem is plugged to the same USB port used when installing "Mobile Partner". Doing this I had not encountered the same "Error 619" even though I had the APN settings set to "Dynamic".

I hope this simple solution it helps you out in your dilemma.

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