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REVIEW: Arctic Sound E352 Earphones

Chances are you have an iPod or an mp3 player, or listen to music on your notebook. At some point in time, you may have taken a look at a speaker, headphone or another device where you can listen to music. The mobile world, however, presents different choices -- headphones -- to couple with mobile audio players.

I was recently sent a set of earphones, specifically the high-end Arctic Sound E352. I am familiar with Arctic Cooling as a company that produces high quality cooling products but not audio products. As the brand name suggests -- Arctic Sound -- they are now into audio as well. I will test this in my Sony Walkman, Nokia N70 Music phone, iPod and Dell D630 notebook.

The product comes in a package that is clear and you can see the attractive wood-stained earphones. Whats the use of having nice attributes if you don't show it off, right?

Arctic Sound E352 Earphones

Arctic Sound E352 Earphones

Arctic Sound E352 Earphones

Having inspected the aesthetics of the earphones, I was anxious to give it a spin.. I plugged it on the Sony Walkman, then the N70, the iPod and the notebook. The experience is quite undescribable, as you would almost forget that you are wearing earphones. The bass is deep and low. And the sound quality is very good. If you think it looks good, it sounds way better!

The 3.5mm jack is gold-plated and such attribute often translates to better quality. It also comes with a zipper lock case that has a spool-like foamy material to keep the earphones tangle-free.

Arctic Sound E352 Earphones

Not only that, the set of earphones also comes with small, medium and large silicone caps designed to enrich the listening experience and block ambient noise. I tried talking to my wife while listening to the music and it made me wish I knew how to lip read. It is indeed very effective at blocking noise.

The earphones are also very comfortable to wear. It would have been better if it is water-resistant, for jogging and workouts, but I'm not sure about this yet. I could verify that with Arctic Cooling and let you know.

Overall, the remarkable listening experience with Arctic Sound E352 changed my perspective about earphones. With the E352 as the model, earphones can sound better and compete with headphones in producing quality audio.

For more information regarding the Arctic Sound E352, check out its product website. Thanks to Arctic Cooling for sending a product sample for review.

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