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HOW-TO: Windows 7 on DELL D630 -- BlueTooth Woes

As previously mentioned in my post ReadyBoost with PCMCIA Adapter and Compact Flash, I did an upgrade on my DELL Latitude D630 to the latest (and greatest?) Windows 7 x64.

The upgrade went quite well and although the DELL website doesn't certify the D630 for Windows 7, I upgraded anyway with the assumption that I could use Windows Vista drivers. But this doesn't work out good in the end, as proven by the experience. Why? All the other drivers work, except for the Bluetooth drivers.

Here was where I got stuck. I downloaded the Windows Vista x64 driver from the D630 support page.

The installation took quite a bit of time as it had to unpack the bluetooth software, install the drivers, update firmware and a few other things. At the end of the installation it will ask for a reboot, accede to its demands.

After doing this, bluetooth software will launch but the bluetooth indicator light (a blue led with bluetooth logo to the right of the wifi light) would not turn on. And devices would not pair as they are not able to search for the notebook's bluetooth. This was where I started to search for another solution.

Bluetooth wasn't that big of a deal. But I have gadgets that communicate with the notebook, to either transfer files, notes and pictures or listening to music without cable clutter on a Bluetooth headset. So I wished I had bluetooth working.

So here I was again stuck at another problem that I could potentially turn into another pimp-my-rig post. As always, I would consult google regarding my problem hoping that somebody had already been to my situation and has found a working solution. But after sifting through posts for about painstaking 4hours and found nothing that worked, I decided to proceed on my own.

And here is the extra step that got the Bluetooth to work on the D630.

I downloaded the Toshiba Bluetooth software stack. Installed it and rebooted.

 Windows 7 on DELL D630 BlueTooth Woes

After reboot, there is now a bluetooth icon on the system tray. And I could enable/disable the bluetooth radio from there. Then, I tried pairing gadgets to the notebook and it works!

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