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INFO: AIMP2 Music Player Review

I'm not an audiophile but I love listening to music. Famous playwright Shakespeare once said, "If music be the food of love; play on." Music touches our lives in strange and unique ways. Music can set the mood, make you relax and just take away the stress of everyday life, and more..

When it comes to computer systems, most would install Winamp to play music. I used belong to this category. But lately, I discovered another multimedia player that is better than Winamp with a simple yet very intuitive interface, easy to use, and just plays music better out-of-the-box. Meet AIMP2.

AIMP2 is a full-featured audio player that supports all popular audio formats as well as Internet radio playback and recording. It offers a media library, sound recorder and audio format conversion along with a modern, user-friendly interface. The program also includes a 18-band equalizer, build-in sound effects, tag editing, playlist support, automatic cross-fading between tracks, personal ratings and much more.

AIMP2 Music Player

The AIMP2 music player is free. And the best thing about it is, it comes with its own easily accessible set of utilities -- a audio file converter, CD ripper and audio recorder. You can convert audio files to several different formats so they are compatible with other players. Rip your CD’s into the audio library using different formats from mp3 to FLAC and others.

AIMP2 Music Player

AIMP2 has one click sound recording. The program could detect the sound card on your system. Based on its capabilities, it can allow you to record from an input source such as line-in or microphone. And, if your card is capable it will allow you to record streaming media. Not only can you record but you can record directly to mp3 format!

AIMP2 Music Player

The only downside to it that I saw was that the interface language is set to Russian by default. The only way I made it to change the language setting was to "hide" the Russian language file. Explore to C:\Program Files (x86)\AIMP2\Langs (if using Windows 7 x64) or C:\Program Files\AIMP2\Langs. There you will find two files: english.lng and russian.lng. What you can do is rename russian.lng to russian.lng.hide. This is what I did. If you wish to delete the file, you can do that as well.

There you go folks, another alternative to Winamp. It doesn't hold back on features, and from what I observed AIMP2 is very light on system resources.

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