FAQ: uTorrent -- Stopped By User Activity

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FAQ. A friend recently called me up to ask if I have experienced my torrent suddenly stop. He further described that every torrent in the queue is greyed out. There was a red button in the status bar with an exclamation, follow by a message stopped by user activity. I asked him for a screenshot but he graciously declined for his own security.

I haven't experienced this scenario before so I told him to keep me updated should he come across a solution for it. I later discovered that after a few days that he re-installed Windows just because his torrents won't run. I felt bad for that poor bloke.

I forgot all about this issue until I came to experience it myself. Here is what the utorrent interface looks like with the error.

uTorrent - Stopped By User Activity

Like him, I couldn't do anything. The torrents were started, not stopped but the program just won't download anything.

So I searched for a solution in the net and immediately found one, from none other than the utorrent forum itself.

I followed the procedure outlined and my torrents are back at work.

Preferences > Bandwidth > (untick) Stop transfers on user interaction

uTorrent - Stopped By User Activity

So click on the wheel icon or press [CTRL]+[P] > Bandwidth, and under Global Rate Limit Options untick Stop transfers on user interaction (like the screenshot above). Then accept the change by clicking OK. Once this is done, downloading will resume.

That solution is much much simpler than re-installing Windows.

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