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TWEAK: Tips to Improve Page Speed Performance

I was having a conversation with a fellow administrator (he is a webmaster on the side and wishes to remain anonymous) about blogs over coffee and I mentioned about having a blog. He told me a very valuable tip that I thought I would likewise share -- page loading performance. His example was none other than google. He noted that always instantaneously loads. And in turn, that keeps users happy.

He further advised that one of the best ways to measure and at the same time get tips and recommendations on improvement of page load performance is GTmetrix. GTmetrix concurs with his advise:
Speed matters.

Studies show that users leave a site if it hasn't loaded in 4 seconds; keep your users happy and engaged by providing a fast performing website!

So without further ado, I submitted PIMP-MY-RIG reloaded and waited for results.

Improve Page Speed Performance

It is good to see PIMP-MY-RIG reloaded main page loads under the 4 second barrier. But the bounce rate on this site is still high -- one of the things we need to work on and, hopefully, improve on.

As bonus GTmetrix will feedback areas of improvement that can be further tweaked. Yslow's rating was a D.

Improve Page Speed Performance

The aspect of the webpage that pulled the performance down is web browser caching. And here, you will probably notice that pictures expire after a day. But since browsers do not have a handle on their caches, this is an excellent circumstance where a caching proxy server comes to play.

This is really important since pictures are static content. And if you hit the page from time to time, it improves performance big time once the browser gets pictures from cache.

You can also test page loading performance using page speed extension for Firefox and Chrome. But I found GTmetrix better with its recommendations on how to improve the webpage, and the site in general.

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