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MODS: Compudesk -- Computer Integrated into a Desk

Let's face it, the downside to desktop computer setups are the cable clutter it brings. Even with a good cable management system things don't change much, once the clean-up schedule comes it's a torture to tidy things up. This is usually the cause of dress downs I get -- the cable clutter of my desktop. It always brings the impression that the necessary clean-up routines and regular upkeep are not performed.

Lately, I came across a very unique idea introduced by a computer enthusiast named Peter Brands, a Dutch computer modding hobbyist. His modding project? A desk that houses his computer system he christened "The L3P DESK". And the end result is a uber unique futuristic modern look that anyone would envy. His idea of the desktop is almost clutter-free and is a really clean look in the real sense of the word.

The descriptions above don't give justice to the set-up, so without further ado.. Pictures of his setup.

Computer Integrated into a Desk

But wait there's more.. Without lights, the acrylic and UV reactive parts come to life.

Computer Integrated into a Desk

Computer Integrated into a Desk

Of all the mods I have seen so far this one takes the cake!

Further details and pictures of his build are here -- build details and build gallery.

(Credits to l3p and

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