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TWEAK: Fully Functional DivX HiQ Plugin on Firefox 4/5

A couple of weeks back, we featured DivX HiQ codec on Firefox and Chrome on an article entitled Flash Without Adobe Flash Player, and as promised here is the tweak to make the DivX HiQ plugin compatible to Firefox 4.0.1 and even the later Firefox 5.0.

First, locate the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\DivX\DivX Plus Web Player\firefox (on 64-bit systems) or C:\Program Files\DivX\DivX Plus Web Player\firefox (on 32-bit systems). Under this directory are two folders html5video and wpa. Inside these folders are the web plugins that DivX installed and we need to tweak. There is a text file named install.rdf in each of the directories.

On line 17 of wpa\install.rdf, change the line to:

Fully Functional DivX HiQ Plugin on Firefox 4/5

Likewise for html5video\install.rdf, do the same for line 12 of that text file:

Fully Functional DivX HiQ Plugin on Firefox 4/5

Now restart Firefox and check the add-ons. Divx HiQ and DivX Plus Web Player HTML5 plug-ins are no longer greyed out, like screenshot below.

Fully Functional DivX HiQ Plugin on Firefox 4/5

There you go folks, high definition videos without the need for flash. HiQ makes it possible to play hi-def videos without taxing your processor. This has been tested to work on both Firefox 4.0.1 and Firefox 5.0. And, for some strange reason now works for Google Chrome 12 too.

A similar tweak was also previously published for .xpi Firefox add-ons. But the same principles apply here. So go ahead and test you favorite add-ons with the latest Firefox 5.0, chances are they might still work.

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