TIP: Remaining Anonymous -- a Security Protocol

Nowadays, websites don't just give information for free. They ask you to subscribe or register to view content. This is not a bad thing, but it does make you give away your email address. Thus in turn, you give your identity away (sort of). There are sites where you are not going to be that confident in giving away your email address, whether it is your personal address or just a mailbox purposely intended for spam mails.

How about a disposable email address in exchange for their service? Register with a valid email address, verify your account, and forget it! You're still anonymous to them. This is exactly what 10MinuteMail offers. As the name suggests, the email address given to you will be valid for only 10 minutes, then expires. If you want it for a bit longer, you can add another 10 minutes, and another if you require.

Remaining Anonymous Security Protocol

There may be other uses for disposable emails and the site above will keep your anonymity intact.

What about for sites that require you to login to see answers to questions? Sites like Experts Exchange, require a login for you to be able to see solutions to questions and problems facing other users. Since this is a contribution-based site, the 10MinuteMail website does not fit the bill.

Other sites publish partial content or just headers and require you to login to see the rest of the article or feature. You will probably feel cheated (in a way) to register and give out your name and email just for one article.

You can use another site that keeps track of logins. Just use the search feature in case they have a valid and working login for your particular website. The site is bugmenot.com.

Remaining Anonymous Security Protocol

So there you go folks, sites that keep your anonymity on the web. Although you may not need them now, there may be times you will need them and they will come in very handy. Those sites above have helped me in several situations so far.

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