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HOW-TO: Shorten Google+ Profile URL

We previously announced the public opening of Google+ invitations. In lieu to that, here is a tip on how to shorten your Google+ profile URLs.

So you got a Google+ profile, now what? The learning curve varies here. G+ is an entirely different approach to social networking. It is a bit intriguing at first. But in order to share your profile to everyone without you (and them) having to resort to complex mnemonics, a website has provided a way to shorten your profile. Go grab one now while a wide variety of shorter nicks are still available.

Launch your favorite browser and head over to: Key-in your favorite nickname on the space provided. Likewise, do the same for your Google+ profile ID.

In order to get your profile ID, open a new tab and browse: This link will be replaced by your profile ID. Copy that and put that in the previous field.

Shorten Google+ Profile URL

Now, you don't have to memorize a ton of stuff just to share your profile. Enjoy!

If you wish to add me to your circles, here's my shortened profile:

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