HOW-TO: Build an Ultimate Boot USB

Disaster strikes when you least expect it. It can range from a simple boot block corruption to a completely unbootable system, and even worse a virus infection. It is vital that you are able to correctly diagnose the problem with a few recovery tools at your disposal. This is where the Ultimate Boot CD (or UBCD) and the My7PE come in very handy.

So whether you are using My7PE or UBCD, and have an ISO it is still useless without an optical drive to use. But what's handy is a USB flash drive. It is notably faster than a CD or DVD drive. And it is cheap and just about every computer out there comes with a USB port. While the optical disc is not that expensive, not every PC or notebook comes with it by default. And for the price of an optical drive, you can buy a bigger capacity USB flash drive. Practical, economical and handy.

You can choose to build My7PE or download the Ultimate Boot CD for this project. Then you can use the Universal USB installer to transfer the contents of the ISO to a USB drive.

My7PE. It is a bit difficult to obtain the latest script to build a My7PE nowadays. But if you have a resource where you can obtain the latest version, share it with us. As of this writing I'm not sure whether the version I have is the latest one but when used, the ISO it builds still works.

Use the script to build the ISO and remember to note its location. The ISO is very important in the later part of the build. You will need to point the Universal USB Installer to where the ISO is located (like below).

Build an Ultimate Boot USB

This USB Installer can also create a Windows 7 installer on USB. So this tool can be used in conjunction with our previous tutorial on making a USB Windows 7 Installer.

Ultimate Boot CD (UBCD). UBCD has an assortment of tools to diagnose problems with your computer. You can further customize this to suit your own needs. The UBCD website has a very good tutorial in customizing UBCD.

Then build the ISO and use it with the Universal USB Installer. Or you may just choose to use the original version which can be obtained here. Remember to set the dropdown menu (step#1) to "Ultimate Boot CD".

Build an Ultimate Boot USB

You just transformed the Ultimate Boot CD to become the Ultimate Boot USB.

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