MODS: Another Telnet Utility on the Popcorn Hour C-200

Previously we installed BusyBox on the Popcorn Hour C-200 (PCH-C200). Now we have telnet access to our network media jukebox (NMJ). Having shell access is important to make changes to the settings or create symbolic links, etc.

Just remember that this telnet access has absolute power (and absolute responsibility). In Linux/*nix, you're running as root or the super-user. And it can run anything, just like it can ruin everything.

BusyBox is a very useful tool. But the implementation on the PCH-C200 is very insecure. If you noticed, when you telnet to the box you are given a shell without having to type a password. Telnet is already insecure but this one pushes it off the charts.

A Russian by the name of Padavan developed an alternative telnet utility. He named this project Linux Terminal Utilities (or LTU). You can see more details of his project here -- translated via Google or the original Russian article. As of this writing the current version of his project is 0.76. And you may download the package from this link.

The package is a zip file that is CSI compatible. And this makes everything easy to install. Launch CSI and goto File > Install from File. Load the zip file and upload and install it on the C-200. Shutdown the C-200 via pressing the following in sequence -- Power > Delete. Once the power LED stops blinking, it is time to boot-up the unit via the Power button.

Once the C-200 has rebooted, telnet to it. And now it is a bit more secure as it will ask for a username and password. The default username and password are "root" and "1234". You may choose to change that default password once you have successfully logged in (the configuration is in /share/Apps/LTU/configure).

Packets transferred via telnet are still transmitted in clear text. So your password can be sniffed. You may choose to enable DropBear instead and access you C-200 via SSH this time. We will discuss that in the next article.

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