FAQ: Resolve Windows Photo Viewer Rotation Error

So you got a smart phone.. What's cool about this gadget is the built in high resolution camera that can take pictures. Indeed, it is rare to find phones without these cameras built in. Smart phones have founds its niche in everyone's life, that one can't leave home without it.

The data inside them is useless without the ability to upload them to a computer, or a storage device for archiving or permanent storing. However, one could be taken by surprise to find pictures upside down. This is true for an iPhone 4/4S. How then does one rotate the uploaded photos when the built-in tool to rotate shows an error.

The Windows Photo Viewer that is built into Windows 7 could rotate pictures, but this is a hit or miss thing. About 50% of the time it will work as designed, but what about when it presents "Windows Photo Viewer can't save the changes to this picture because there's a problem with the picture's file properties." (see snapshot below)

There's nothing you can do about Windows Photo Viewer to force it to save the photo or picture. You have to use a third party utility to do this. The JPEG Lossless Rotator can do this job for you without any fuss. In fact, there are other utilities that can do the same, but I found this tool the easiest to use. It can also integrate with Explorer and you can simply right click on an image to rotate it.

This way once pictures are uploaded to the computer, just launch the JPEG Lossless Rotator application and browse to the folder containing the uploaded pictures and rotate away.

The application can also do it by batches. And you can see the thumbnails of each photo as they appear. Or click them one by one from Windows Explorer.

With the rotation issues resolved, go ahead and take pictures with that iPhone and rotate them after uploading.

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