FAQ: Re-Add/Return BigBoss Cydia Repository

Q: "I accidentally (or deliberately) deleted the BigBoss Cydia repository. I want it back and I can't do it. How do I put it back?"

I have heard this happen several times, have been asked the same several times, and have resolved them several times as well. This is more common on jailbroken Apple iPhones more than any other Apple gadgets I've seen. The solution to the problem may not be as hard as you expect it to be.

A: Follow along as pimp-my-rig post outlines a guide on how to return the BigBoss Cydia repository to your iDevice.

First, launch Cydia. Scroll down toward the middle of the Home screen and you will see "More Package Sources". It is just below "Upgrading and Jailbreaking Help". You should be seeing something similar to the below screenshot.

Cydia Home Screen

Tap on "More Package Sources". It should be showing you the BigBoss repository as one of the choices. The screen will be similar to the one below.

More Package Sources

Again, tap on "BigBoss". Then tap "OK" when prompted.

BigBoss Repository

That action will add BigBoss to Cydia repositories. If this happens to the ModMyI repository, or just about any other Cydia repository that is installed by default, the same procedure works.

Hope this helps you out.

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