TWEAK: Fix Java 7 Update 51 Errors

At work, I get to manage and play around with EMC storage arrays. It doesn't need or require that you login often, but sometimes you would have to do it to check the health of the system, create new LUNs or expand existing ones. Its management interface runs on a Java plugin from a browser.

Lately, the helpdesk where I work pushed updates. The Java Runtime Environment 7 Update 51 got included in the push and installed itself on my notebook. I really have no choice on this matter -- as updates are mandatory. This is a nightmare since most of the time updates like this break a lot of things more than fix what it's supposed to. This time it broke my administrative tools to the storage.

The error is weird and it is only now that I have encountered it. The screenshot is below:

Missing required Permissions manifest attribute in main jar: ..

First, I thought it could be that Firefox just blocked the plugin. So I followed the procedure found in this FAQ entry on the support site. The procedure is outlined below.

  1. Open new Tab
  2. Navigate to about:config
  3. Accept security warning
  4. Change extensions.blocklist.enabled to false
  5. Restart browser

This did not solve the problem. I decided to phone a friend, who is also a system administrator (he wishes not to be named).

He suggested that I open the Java Control Panel. And under "Security" tab, lower the Security Level from High (default setting) to Medium. See screenshot below.

After a browser restart, viola! my administrative tools are back to its original functionality.

I hope by sharing my experience, it will help somebody who experiences the same dilemma.

DISCLAIMER: Lowering the security settings of Java is exposing your system to risk. Be warned. I will not be liable for any of your actions or its results. I only wish to restore the functionality to the administrative tools that Java broke.

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