TIP: Bulk Rename Files Using Power Shell

I recently wrote about some discounted Python courses in Udemy. In it is a highly recommended course that many beginners who want to learn Python will benefit from -- the Complete Python Bootcamp: Go From Zero to Hero. A factor which I consider makes the most impact in this course is the availability of Python code, where the user could build upon. The course author shared these in the form of jupyter notebooks.

Not only will the student be able to learn Python, but have them in an easy to share or collaborate development environment (jupyter notebooks). I volunteered to download it for a friend and what easy way to do it than the Firefox plugin, Download Them All (DTA).

DTA has this thing called fast filtering. And it will download pretty much all of the notebooks needed for the course without having to click them one by one.

Download Them All Fast Filter

The thing is, when DTA downloaded the files, the extension was changed from the original .ipynb to .html. DTA appended a .html extension to the downloaded file. The question is: Is there a way to do bulk renames of these files so I don't have to do it one by one as well?

Download Them All Renamed Files

It turns out the answer to the question above is built into the Windows Operating System -- Power Shell. So launch Power Shell, the change directory to the location of the downloaded notebook files. And execute: dir *.html | rename-item -NewName {$_.name -replace {".html",""}

Bulk Rename Using Power Shell

The above command will remove the string ".html" from the filenames of all files in the present working folder. In effect, renaming all the files to the original names from the course author's website. Now I could copy the files for my friend, and at the same time keep a copy for myself for future use.

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This solution is not limited to the above scenario only. It could be applied to several others and that is happened to be a perfect example. If you have a another solution, or a better solution, please share it in the comments section below.

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