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HOW-TO: Check Apple iPhone Battery Health

Apple, in a recent press statement, admitted to throttling its devices performance when it detects battery health in decline. In addition, the same statement also indicated the company's commitment to support its customers and improving after sales support. Replacement batteries will be available for a fraction of its original cost -- $29 from $79. I'm an Apple iPhone user myself, and while we await for further news on this matter the question is: "When do you avail of this replacement program?"

Batteries degrade over time. This is a known fact. If you want to know further facts as to why this happens, I would suggest to watch the PBS Nova documentary entitled "Search for the Super Battery" or read about "dendrites" (related to batteries).

The purpose of this article is to inform you on how to check your Apple iPhone battery health. It is not limited to Apple iPhones, but applies to other Apple devices as well -- like iPads and iPad Minis (these are the ones I have tested the app on) -- and (maybe) other Apple devices.

The App to install is "Battery Life". It is available on the App store. There is a free version and a PRO version. The free one has all the features needed to be informed.

Battery Life Screenshot at 83%: Good

Launching the applicaton, you already have a view of the overall health of your device's battery. On my 2-year-old iPhone6, the battery health as indicated in the screen is 83% and the application still considers that as good condition.

Battery Life Raw Data

To get more information on battery health, tap on the upper left menu icon (multiple stacked horizontal lines) and select "Raw Data". There it indicates the overall capacity of the battery, and likewise indicates its degraded capacity. The current charge capacity, too, is also indicated based on the degraded battery capacity.

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There you go. Being better informed will help you decide and verify if it is time to change batteries. Do you also have friends who might benefit from this information? Click the share button below to help them.

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