TIP: Huge Discounts on Python Courses at Udemy

One of the many tools I use for automating my everyday tasks as a sysad is Python.. Be it for executing backups, routine checks, collecting and rotating logs from legacy devices or automation as a hobby, Python has in one way or another been deployed. Now that I shifted careers to a data science, Python is still the language of choice for ETL, data mining, data cleansing and blending, and, even the convoluted advanced machine learning and deep learning coding.

I once shied away from Python due to the inconsistencies between version 2 and version 3. What works on v2, might break on v3 but like I got the hang of it, you will too -- to the point of having both versions available on a virtualenv (virtual environment). Python has helped me a lot not only in job functions as well as my hobbies. To name one, you may automate the download of your favorite TV series episodes using a Python-based software called "Sickrage". I wrote about how to set this up on a Raspberry Pi in this article. Not only that, it takes care of renaming the files according to episode titles and tracks the episodes I have already viewed. Take it for a spin.

It goes without saying that Python has gone a long way in helping me in my professional career and everyday life. The sad thing is that Python coding is not taught in school. That does not mean you will not be able to find a course that could help out in learning how to code in Python.

The course that has helped me out is "Complete Python Bootcamp: Go from zero to hero in Python". This course is currently on sale for $15 at Udemy, from the usual price of $195. That is a 92% discount!

Complete Python Bootcamp

Should you want to take advantage of this offering, click this link to take you there.

This way, you may learn Python at your own free time at your own pace. If you are looking for a programming language to learn, or looking for another scripting language to learn, this is one of them I would highly recommend.

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I hope this tip helps you learn Python. If you have seen another discounted course, share it with us through the comments below. Or if you're interested in other Python course aside from the above mentioned, click this link. Or if you want to help others learn Python, click the share button below.

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