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HOW-TO: Errors Updating PiHole DNS Cache

I personally use pihole to block ads, phishing and malicious websites (more leaning toward the latter), from access in my home network. This software can be easily setup on a Raspberry PI, and a little knowledge about good ol' Linux. On my setup I use pihole in tandem with the DietPI operating system (kudos go to Darwin Sonza for suggesting DietPI). This combo brings about faster internet access, since frequent DNS lookups are handled (and cached) by pihole at the same time dietpi limits write IOPs to the SD card, preserving its useful life.

In case you are interested in setting up your own Raspberry PI with pihole, checkout the previous post Install Adblock on Raspberry Pi via PiHole. In order to benefit further, pihole needs to be regularly updated much like dietpi. However, the recent update of pihole broke on my setup. And, here's the solution to the problem, if ever you encounter it yourself.

Just so you have an idea what the problem is or how to replicate it, I ran the command "pihole -up" to initiate a pihole update. This command ended up with the error message: "Error: Could not update local repository. Contact support."

The complete message is captured by the screenshot below, including messages prior to that error.

Error: Could not update local repository. Contact support.

If you are hit by the same message, on the command line, execute the following:
rm -R /var/www/html/admin
git clone /var/www/html/admin
pihole -r

After these commands are ran, you see a similar window like below.

PiHole Update Complete!

The Raspberry PI is a very useful tool in my home network. I have also used it as a PVR for downloading my favorite TV series.

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Is there a better solution to the above? Or perhaps another way to solve the issue? I always am on the lookout for those. Kindly share them in the comments section below.

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