HOW-TO: Migrate Sickbeard to its Bricky Fork

The demise and take down of most Usenet premium providers left most of its followers with lesser and lesser options by the day. Not only its followers feel the grunt as a result, but its service dependent software as well. One of the end services I use myself is Sickbeard.

Sickbeard is my choice in automated download of TV series that I follow and watch. The best feature is the automatic download of episodes that you program it to automatigically download for you. Another neat feature is it notifies you of this download through your PC, phone or twitter (and other social media) services. But Sickbeard relies heavily on Usenet as it has limited torrent support.

Due to the above limitation, it forked to its bricky counterpart -- Sickbeard with better torrent support. The screenshot below is for the original version of Sickbeard.

I have a Popcorn Hour C-200 (touted as one of the best media players out in the market during its time). The outstanding feature of this media player is it could run Sickbeard -- meaning not only could it play the TV series, it could download and manage them automatically as well. This part was discussed in detail on our previous article on "Install Sickbeard on Popcorn Hour C-200".

The above link is used to install the original main Sickbeard version, the one with limited torrent support. To install the bricky fork, the above "HOW-TO" still applies. Just choose not to start Sickbeard after the install.

It is important (or should I say very important) to have a shell to the C-200 for the next steps to work. This could be done via BusyBox or LTU (Linux Terminal Utilities). Checkout the links on how that is done then follow the procedure below:

[1] Open a terminal connection via PuTTY or another utility. Browse the directory /share/Apps/sickbeard. All the other steps below will discuss about changes to files and directories relative to this path.

[2] Remove the directory .git. Do this so the bricky fork will not conflict with the original midgetspy version of sickbeard. I also removed the file .gitignore but this seems irrelevant. You may opt to remove it in this step.

[3] On the same directory /share/Apps/sickbeard, is the file Look for the line:
git clone git:// SB
.. change it to this line:
git clone git:// SB

[4] Remove the directory autoProcessTV under /share/Apps/sickbeard. If you don't want to remove it, you may choose to rename it instead. Any arbitrary name aside from the original name will do.

[5] Execute on the command line. Either of these commands will work:
/share/Apps/sickbeard/ install
.. or
cd /share/Apps/sickbeard; ./ install

[6] Once the git clone is complete, run this:
/share/Apps/AppInit/appinit.cgi start sickbeard

The obvious difference between the two versions is the availability of more torrent search engines for the bricky fork. If you browse to the "Search Providers" portion of the configuration you will see more options for bricky fork than the original.

As seen from the above screenshot, there are more providers available for this fork of Sickbeard. I hope this post helps you get more from Sickbeard.


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