HOW-TO: Generate Binance API Keys for Trading Bot

This is the first of a two-part series that supplements the article Crypto Trading Bot -- Is It For Me?. Configurations of the crypto exchange need to compliment that of the trading bot for them to be able to communicate and trades could then be made.

As mentioned in the article, Binance is my crypto exchange of choice since it has the lowest trading fees, set at 0.1%. Binance developed its own crypto coin which they call Binance Coin (or BNB). Among other things, the primary purposes of this crypto is to pay for trading fees. When used, the trading fee gets a 50% discount, making it 0.05%.

First, register at Binance (if you don't have an account). (I'm requesting to be your referrer, with ID 26356236. Please use this code when asked for a referrer ID.)

Open your inbox and verify the email address you used to register with Binance. The next and most important part of the configuration is to use Binance coin to pay for trading fees. You will find this in your account settings, as seen below.

Use BNB for trading fees

On the same page, you can generate API keys that the trading bot will use to access your Binance crypto exchange account (see lower left of the screenshot above). Click on the box "API setting".

Binance Create API Keys

Binance will be sending an email to confirm the API key creation. Again, check your inbox for that mail.

Once keys are created, make sure the "secret key" is noted down. It will not be shown again.

Binance API Keys Generated

Last but definitely not least, enable enhanced security settings for your account. Enable 2FA (or two-factor authentication), either by SMS and/or Google Authenticator.

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You are now ready with your Binance crypto exchange account. Next, the cryptohopper settings.

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TIP: Crypto Trading Bot -- Is It For Me?

The major difference between a typical stock exchange (further called fiat stock exchange) and a crypto stock exchange is the fact that crypto stock exchanges are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the whole year round. Fiat stock exchanges have an opening and closing bell, which means at times that the exchange is closed, no trades can be done. What does this mean for you and I? Simple, it means you and I could trade crypto currencies at any time of the day -- even on holidays!

But I need sleep.. I have a day job.. and I don't know how to trade, let alone perform technical analysis or interpret candlesticks, you say. That's why crypto trading bots were made -- to do this for you while you sleep, while you work. It is not exactly set it and forget it, but close enough. I trade crypto currencies using a trading bot. This is why I could sleep and I'm able to function in my day job. How? Let me outline several steps and possibly guide you to do the same.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not a financial advisor, nor do I want to become one. The steps outlined here are to guide you and let you assess if trading crypto currencies using a bot is a viable income generator for you. There is no assurance that it will.

First, you need to have an account on a crypto currency exchange. My recommended crypto exchange is Binance (affiliate link: Binance Exchange). The primary reason why I recommend Binance is due to it having the cheapest trading fees. The default trading fee is 0.1%. And if you have Binance Coins (BNB) and use these to charge trading fees, a 50% discount is given making the trading fee 0.05%. Fees add up as you rack up trades, and that discount is HUGE.

(I have a Binance Account and my referral identification number is 26356236. Should you opt me to be your referrer kindly use this id number when you register. This gesture will enable me to help more people by being able to keep this site running. I appreciate your generosity.)

Next, take a trial of CryptoHopper Bot. While there are other trading bots out there, CryptoHopper is what I have tested and works for me so far. The 30-day trial of CryptoHopper is awesome. This enables you to test it out and see if the service is what you require.

I'm currently in my second week of the trial (a bunny account). During this time, I'm trying to secure the funds required to subscribe a hare account ($49/month). Hare subscription is recommended to take advantage of the trading bot's features. Just the same, the bunny account provided during trial has been productive. See below stats for reference.

CryptoHopper Stats

CryptoHopper will require API keys from your Binance account. Plug them in to the hopper configuration. The hopper is disabled by default. Just the same double-check to see if it is disabled. Disable "buying" just to be sure.

I initially invested about ~2 ETH (Etherium). I also trade with Etherium as my base currency. Even with the turmoil and volatility going on in the crypto currency market, the CryptoHopper bot has been delivering consistent profits for my investment.

Etherium Investment Growth

I will go into detail about the setup of each in the next post. For now, my suggestion is to take some Udemy courses on technical analysis and candlesticks interpretation, in preparation for the configuration. This will really help you grasp the concepts of trading and how to setup the hopper.

The courses below have helped and are currently with 100% OFF codes.

Cryptocurrency Masterclass: Technical Analysis for Beginners

Learn to Trade for Profit: Candlestick and Technical Trading

Crypto Trading 101: Buy Sell Trade Cryptocurrency for Profit

Am not sure for how long these courses will remain free. My tip would be to enroll even if you cannot take the course(s) right away. These have lifetime access, so you literally can take them up in your free time. Grab them while they are still available 100% OFF.

SUGGESTED: Epic Formula to Grow Your Crypto Currency Portfolio

Stay tuned for the guides on how to setup Binance Exchange in tandem with CryptoHopper soon.

References (affiliate links):
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TIP: Epic Formula to Grow Your Crypto Currency Portfolio

Ever heard of bitcoin? Nowadays it is quite rare to meet somebody who hasn't heard of bitcoin or has not encountered of anyone who talks about bitcoin. Bitcoin is the king of cryptocurrencies -- pretty much like, the US$ Dollar of crypto. It was invented by a nobody named Satoshi Nakamoto. Not much is known about this personality who invented bitcoin.

However, his innovative solution to the Byzantine General's Problem, the blockchain (from which bitcoin is built upon) is really a breakthrough. Bitcoin, the technology, has been synonymous with blockchain. And the other commonly accepted term for it is crypto currency.

Both you and I are already late in the game when it comes to crypto currency, or so it seems. Why is this? If you invested in bitcoin in the late 2000s, the price was less than $1000. This is probably the reason why a lot of people ignored it. Whereas, at the moment it is hovering over $7000. Those who did adopt the tech early on are now millionaires, if not billionaires. People often tend to measure bitcoin or crypto portfolio by the price. So are you really late in the game? Not really.

The question becomes, how do you grow your bitcoin or crypto currency portfolio without having to spend much or without having much background on cryptocurrency? Let me start by avoiding ICOs (or initial coin offerings). Pretty much everybody, even seasoned crypto currency veterans, can loose their hard earned investments in a blink of an eye. If you don't believe me, read about the infamous BitConnect.

The tested and proven ways of growing your crypto portfolio are: faucets and airdrops. Faucets are websites that "trickle" a small amount of bitcoin per period of time -- much like your literal faucet gives droplets of water. The most popular of these websites is (this is my affiliate link to that website). The other advantage of this faucet is once you have 30,000 satoshis in your wallet, it starts to earn interest. Interest Earned

The other bitcoin faucet I frequent is (this is my affiliate link to that website). Unlike, the other faucet, this one requires your having a bitcoin wallet. If you happen to live in the Philippines, you can open a bitcoin wallet in And use it for this faucet.

Airdrops are initial distribution of coins that do not trade in any exchange. Some are listed but generally not traded yet. Their value is a pittance compared to bitcoin itself. However, once the crypto currency gains traction, the value skyrockets. A perfect example of this is EOS.

For now there are a lot of airdrops.. I have a few that I have tested myself. And one of them is MANNA. It is used for distribution of universal basic income (or UBI). If you're interested in the whitepaper checkout their website (this is my affiliate link to that website). I have received 200 MANNA so far. Airdrop (coin distribution) happens every week.

Another airdrop I personally tried is the crypto ALX, intended for mobile games. You can visit the website (this is my affiliate link to that website) and follow the instructions shown on how to participate in the airdrop. As far as I know, the airdrop is still ongoing and distribution of the initial wave of coins are yet to happen this month.

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Regardless of which method you try, these are the proven ways of growing your crypto portfolio without having to shell out or risk your money. Like they say, slowly but surely. Try it out and see for yourself.

NOTE: I have placed affiliate links to both the faucets and airdrops. Should you want to opt out of the referral program, you can simply visit the website prior to the links. I would like to thank you in advance for showing support for this website by using the affiliate links.


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