TIP: Epic Formula to Grow Your Crypto Currency Portfolio

Ever heard of bitcoin? Nowadays it is quite rare to meet somebody who hasn't heard of bitcoin or has not encountered of anyone who talks about bitcoin. Bitcoin is the king of cryptocurrencies -- pretty much like, the US$ Dollar of crypto. It was invented by a nobody named Satoshi Nakamoto. Not much is known about this personality who invented bitcoin.

However, his innovative solution to the Byzantine General's Problem, the blockchain (from which bitcoin is built upon) is really a breakthrough. Bitcoin, the technology, has been synonymous with blockchain. And the other commonly accepted term for it is crypto currency.

Both you and I are already late in the game when it comes to crypto currency, or so it seems. Why is this? If you invested in bitcoin in the late 2000s, the price was less than $1000. This is probably the reason why a lot of people ignored it. Whereas, at the moment it is hovering over $7000. Those who did adopt the tech early on are now millionaires, if not billionaires. People often tend to measure bitcoin or crypto portfolio by the price. So are you really late in the game? Not really.

The question becomes, how do you grow your bitcoin or crypto currency portfolio without having to spend much or without having much background on cryptocurrency? Let me start by avoiding ICOs (or initial coin offerings). Pretty much everybody, even seasoned crypto currency veterans, can loose their hard earned investments in a blink of an eye. If you don't believe me, read about the infamous BitConnect.

The tested and proven ways of growing your crypto portfolio are: faucets and airdrops. Faucets are websites that "trickle" a small amount of bitcoin per period of time -- much like your literal faucet gives droplets of water. The most popular of these websites is https://freebitco.in (this is my affiliate link to that website). The other advantage of this faucet is once you have 30,000 satoshis in your wallet, it starts to earn interest.

freebitco.in Interest Earned

The other bitcoin faucet I frequent is https://bitcoinker.com (this is my affiliate link to that website). Unlike, the other faucet, this one requires your having a bitcoin wallet. If you happen to live in the Philippines, you can open a bitcoin wallet in coins.ph. And use it for this faucet.

Airdrops are initial distribution of coins that do not trade in any exchange. Some are listed but generally not traded yet. Their value is a pittance compared to bitcoin itself. However, once the crypto currency gains traction, the value skyrockets. A perfect example of this is EOS.

For now there are a lot of airdrops.. I have a few that I have tested myself. And one of them is MANNA. It is used for distribution of universal basic income (or UBI). If you're interested in the whitepaper checkout their website https://www.mannabase.com (this is my affiliate link to that website). I have received 200 MANNA so far. Airdrop (coin distribution) happens every week.

Another airdrop I personally tried is the crypto ALX, intended for mobile games. You can visit the website https://alax.io (this is my affiliate link to that website) and follow the instructions shown on how to participate in the airdrop. As far as I know, the airdrop is still ongoing and distribution of the initial wave of coins are yet to happen this month.

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Regardless of which method you try, these are the proven ways of growing your crypto portfolio without having to shell out or risk your money. Like they say, slowly but surely. Try it out and see for yourself.

NOTE: I have placed affiliate links to both the faucets and airdrops. Should you want to opt out of the referral program, you can simply visit the website prior to the links. I would like to thank you in advance for showing support for this website by using the affiliate links.


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